How to get educational psychology support for your educational setting or service.

The Inclusion Service provides educational psychology support to early years providers, schools and colleges. Educational psychologists support aspects of SEN arrangements for children and young people from birth to 25 in Bristol. 

The types of activities an educational psychologist might do include: 

  • whole school strategies and systems to work to support quality first teaching and early intervention
  • SEN systems to help reduce barriers to learning
  • individual work with children and young people to support school staff in developing interventions that help the pupil to progress
  • working with parents to help them support their child's progress
  • supporting therapeutic work, such as cognitive behavioural approaches
  • group level work, including psychological interventions to develop particular skills, such as overcoming exam stress
  • whole school work on early interventions for mental health and wellbeing
  • coaching and mentoring
  • training parent groups, refugees, adoption and fostering agencies and other community agencies

The Trading with Schools website has more examples of the type of work educational psychologists do. 

Accessing the service

We provide both core and traded services. We do work commissioned by the council, educational providers and other services. 

When an educational psychologist becomes involved

Usually, you will have talked to a child's parents about their concerns and will have:

  • worked with teachers over an extended length of time to agree targets and strategies 
  • involved specialist teams, such as autism or speech, language and communication 

If you and the child's parents still have concerns, you can commission us to complete some work. The educational psychology team decides if psychological assessment and advice would be useful. This is decided through a conversation between the SENCO, the child's parents and the psychologist.  

You can also commission whole school or group work for:

  • challenging and disruptive behaviour 
  • social and emotional wellbeing
  • vulnerable young people, such as asylum seekers or children in care

How the service works

The local authority core commissioned offer

This support is funded by the council and includes:

  • psychological assessment of children who are having education, health and care (EHC) needs assessments 
  • attending meetings and writing reports about children who are having EHC needs assessments 
  • being involved in some annual review processes for children who have an EHC plan
  • consultation and advice for individual children in care  whose placements are at risk of permanent breakdown
  • critical incident support when a school community is experiencing a significant traumatic event
  • representation on council panels and strategy groups for vulnerable children and young people 
  • providing evidence for mediation and tribunal

Traded services 

Our educational psychologists can be commissioned by:

  • early years providers
  • schools
  • educational settings 
  • further education providers
  • trainers and employers
  • other services that work with children and young people from birth to 25 years old

Some council maintained schools can commission regular visits from an educational psychologist to support school staff in developing their assessment, interventions and direct work with young people, families and school staff. This is funded by the de-delegated dedicated schools grant. 

Get educational psychology support

If you'd like support from an educational psychologist, you'll need to fill in the document request for educational psychology involvement form (283 KB) .

If you're an early years provider, go to the Bristol Early Years website for information about how to get support for a child in a Bristol early years' setting.

For traded services, you can discuss buying educational psychology services with us and we can develop a package to suit your needs. Please call us on 0117 922 2444 or email on

Buy services on the Trading with Schools website.