Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

How to get help with getting food if you’re self-isolating or if you can’t afford food.

Help with food if you’re self-isolating

Call 0800 694 0184 if you need help to get food because you're self-isolating.

We’ll try to find a volunteer to help you.

If you aren’t able to cook for yourself, Bristol Community Meals can bring you prepared meals, including if you have special dietary requirements. They’ll also carry out a wellbeing check when they bring your meals. You’ll need to pay for this service, details of costs are in the pdf Bristol Community Meals brochure (686 KB) .

To sign up to Bristol Community Meals:

Help if you can’t afford to buy food

Call 0800 694 0184 to find out:

You can also call the Citizens Advice Foodbank helpline for emergency food support: 0808 208 2138.

If you’re on certain benefits and have a child under 4 or are at least 10 weeks pregnant, you may also be able to get help from Healthy Start Go to (opens new window).

If your child is usually eligible for free school meals but is not attending school because of coronavirus (COVID-19), speak to their school to find out how to get free school meal vouchers or other support with food.