Information on the Women's Education Task Group.

The Education Task Group is a group of leaders and influencers who want to improve girls' educational opportunities in Bristol.

The Task Group was established in 2016 as part of the Women's Commission.

The equality issues affecting girls' progress through education and beyond are often gender specific and need special attention and action.

Our aim is to help girls and young women overcome prejudice and fulfill their potential. We do this by:

  • bringing together young women from different schools for events
  • enlisting positive female role models from across society
  • helping girls and young women engage with issues that affect them and which they feel strongly about

Our members

Our core group members and organisations are:

  • St Brendan's, Marian Curran, Co-Chair 
  • Redmaids' High School, Laura Beynon, Co-Chair
  • Orchard School Bristol, Julia Hinchliffe, Head teacher and Helen Howard, School Partnerships Manager
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College, Marian Curran, Vice Principal and Gemma Hill
  • Badminton, Jenny Singleton, Deputy Head
  • Bristol Free School, Susan King, Headteacher
  • St Mary Redcliffe, Elisabeth Gilpin, Headteacher and Emma Cottell Assistant Headteacher
  • Oasis Brightstowe Academy, Alison Eynon Assistant Principal
  • Association for Science and Discovery Centres, Shaaron Leverment, Deputy CEO

Meetings and activities

Our meetings and events In 2019 were:

June 2019: exploring wellbeing

A conference for Year 8 girls exploring issues which impact on well-being and mental health such as celebrity culture, self defence, female health, social media, friendships.

July 2019: positive role models

A meeting for Year 12 students using a human library of hundreds of inspiring female role models who shared their work place advice and experience small group meetings.

Join the task group

To offer sponsorship, join or find out more, email Jo Butler or Isabel Tobias: '' /

Sponsorship is welcomed to Bristol schools and educational organisations with relevant experience who want to help meet our aims for girls. We're looking for support in the form of financial donations, venue support and panel leaders.