Find out if your sports pitch booking has been cancelled because of bad weather.

Live fixtures

Fixtures for:

Pitch update: 21 September 2023

All matches are going ahead as scheduled.

We are unaware of any other fixtures so if your team is not on the table then please do not play.

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Evening matches for week starting 11 September

Wednesday 13 September: Kingshead Lane, pitch 1: Deveys Res

Parks pitch update: weekend of Saturday 23 September and Sunday 24 September 2023

Weekend bookings

Park pitch Pitch Number Pitch size Saturday am Saturday pm Sunday am Sunday pm
Begbrook Green Park 1 11x11        
Begbrook Green Park 2 7v7        
Canford Park 1 11v11 Ashley Down U15s      
Canford Park 2 11v11 Ashley Down U14s      
Canford Park 3 7v7        
Dorian Road 1 11v11        
Dorian Road 2 7v7  


Dundridge Farm 2 11v11        
Eastville Park 1 11v11        
Eastville Park 2 11v11        
Eastville Park 3 11v11        
Kingshead Lane 1 11v11       Highridge U15s
Kingshead Lane 2 7v7     Highridge Colts  
Muller Road 1 (upper) 11v11        
Muller Road 2 (upper) 11v11        
Muller Road 3 (upper) 11v11        
Muller Road 4 (lower) 9v9        
Netham Park 1 11v11        
Netham Park 2 11v11        
Netham Park 3 11v11   Redfield Rovers Reserves    
Netham Park 4          
Oldbury Court - Youth only venue 1 9v9 Ashley Down U12s B      
Oldbury Court - Youth only venue 2 7v7        
Redcatch Park 1 11v11   The Park Knowle AFC   The Park Knowle U16s
Redcatch Park 2 11v11        
Wellington Hill 1 9v9 Bishop Road Buccs.       


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Cancellations of pitches during the season by Bristol City Council

If for any reason your pitch is not available for play due to bad weather, pitch conditions etc you will be notified the Friday before your match is due to be played.

You will be notified in the following ways:

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