Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

The notices have two digits each for the number of the notice and the year it was issued, for example Notice No 41/10 means notice 41 of the year 2010.

You should check these events as they're in force for the safety of all harbour users and will help you make the most of your visit to Bristol Harbour.

Events in Bristol Harbour

38/23 Bristol Harbour Walkway: Temple Backs to Totterdown Basin

From Monday 27 November 2023, construction work on the Bristol Harbour Walkway will commence.

The work is expected to continue for a period of 3 months and due to be completed by Monday 18 March 2024.

To allow these works to take place navigation will be restricted from a point near to Temple Back and up to Totterdown Basin.

These works will be clearly signed and marked and will include a full closure of the southern Temple Meads tunnel.

All vessels:

  • are required to use the northern tunnel when navigating this section of the Harbour
  • must use extreme caution and where possible give priority to vessels traveling downstream

36/23 Divers Near SS Great Britain Ferry Pontoon

From Wednesday 1 November 2023 construction work will be taking place close to the SS Great Britain Ferry Pontoon over the next 4 weeks.

To undertake this work divers will periodically be in the water near to this pontoon. Use this area with extra caution over this period.

35/23 Bristol Harbour Boaters Facilities

From November 2023, the Harbour Boat Owners facilities located at Mud Dock, Bathurst Basin, New Harbour Inlet and the Elsan disposal at Wapping Wharf will undergo essential repairs and refurbishment.

To allow these works to be completed, some of these buildings may have to close and be unavailable for short periods of time.

Once this programme is underway, information of any such closures will be publicised on the buildings with details of alternative facilities.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

33/23 Dredging operations

Dredging operations will be carried out in the City Docks from 13 October 2023 until further notice.

This work will be carried out by the water injection dredger “Innovation” and will display signals as prescribed in the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (1972 as amended) Rule 27 section (b) and (d) as appropriate.

“Innovation” will start at Netham Drain (entrance to Netham Lock) and progress westerly through the City Docks.

Vessels may pass either side of the dredger and mariners are advised to approach and pass with caution at slow speed. The dredgers will keep a listening watch on VHF Channel 14 in Cumberland Basin and Channel 73 in the Floating Harbour.

32/23 Prince Street Bridge winter operating times 2023/24

Mariners wishing to pass east or westbound through Prince Street Bridge with a vessel that exceeds the clearance height, may arrange to have the Prince Street Bridge swung at the following times:

  • 9.30am
  • 10.30am
  • 11.30am
  • 12.30pm
  • 1.30pm
  • 2.30pm
  • 3.30pm
  • 4.30pm

Mariners are advised that priority swings will be given 3½ hours prior to high water to 1½ hours after high water. Outside these tidal times, the above-published swings will be at the discretion of the Harbour Master.

Swing requests within the tidal period should be made at least 1 hour in advance and can be made via the Sail Bristol App, the Harbour Office Tel No: 0117 9031484, VHF Radio Channel 73 call sign “Bristol Floating Harbour” or vessels entering from seaward may also make arrangements with the Deputy Harbour Master at Cumberland Basin Tel: 0117 9273633 or VHF Radio Channel 14 call sign “City Docks Radio”.

31/23 Netham Lock winter operating times 2023/24

Monday 2 October 2023 to Sunday 31 March 2024

Locking Operations between 09.30am and 3.45pm

Staff are on duty daily between 9am and 4:45pm

Mariners wishing to pass through Netham Lock should contact the Harbour Office on 0117 9031484 giving an hours' notice.

30/23 Cumberland Basin winter locking operations 2023/24

From 29 October 2023 to 31 March 2024 locking services will not be routinely provided between 5pm and 9am.

A minimum 48 hours' notice must be given when locking requests fall during the out of hour's period.

Bookings can be made via the Sail Bristol App, or by calling 0117 9273633 where you will be invited to leave a message for the Deputy Harbour Master.

If your enquiry is urgent, contact with the Bristol Harbour Office on 0117 9031484.

29/23 Harbour Office winter opening 2023/24

From Sunday 29 October 2023 to Sunday 31 of March 2024 the Harbour Office will be open 10am to 3pm, seven days a week, for:

  • general enquiries
  • licencing
  • purchasing of commodities

It will not be possible to obtain any commodities from the Harbour Office outside of these hours.

Duty Officers will be on duty between 9am and 5pm, carrying out dock patrols and will be on call to respond to emergencies that occur outside of office opening times.

These changes apply to both in person and telephone enquiries; however, an emergency telephone service will continue to be available during operational hours.

Reminder for all potential users of the slipway

In order for a short-term navigation licence to be granted to use a powerboat or sports boat in Bristol City Docks, photographic proof of identity must be produced. Failure to produce this will result in a licence being denied.

16/23 Temple Island River Wall Repairs in the New Cut

From June 2023, repair works will commence to the Temple Island River Walls in the New Cut between Totterdown Bridge and Bath Roundabout Bridge.

Upon completition of the works a further Notice to Mariners will be raised.

Mariners must proceed at a slow speed, navigation with caution in the area.

43/22 Scouring operations Cumberland Basin 2023

Scouring operations in the Cumberland Basin will take place at the following times.

January 2023

  • 6 January at 12 midday
  • 9 January at 1.30pm
  • 23 January at 1.30pm

February 2023

  • 6 February at 1pm
  • 20 February at 12.30pm
  • 22 February at 1.30pm

March 2023

  • 8 March at 1.15pm
  • 21 March at 12 midday
  • 23 March at 1.30pm

April 2023

  • 6 April at 1.30pm
  • 19 April at 12.45pm
  • 21 April at 1.30pm

May 2023

  • 5 May at 1pm
  • 19 May at 1pm

June 2023

  • 5 June at 1.30pm
  • 19 June at 1.30pm

July 2023

  • 4 July at 1.30pm
  • 18 July at 1:30pm

August 2023

  • 2 August at 1.30pm
  • 17 August at 1.30pm
  • 31 August at 1.30pm

September 2023

  • 15 September at 1.30pm
  • 29 September at 1pm

October 2023

  • 16 October at 1.30pm
  • 27 October at 12 midday
  • 31 October at 1.30pm

November 2023

  • 14 November at 12.45am
  • 27 November at 12 midday
  • 29 November at 1.30pm

December 2023

  • 13 December at 12.15pm
  • 15 December at 1.15pm

During these operations, note:

  • before the scour it may be necessary to increase the level of the harbour by up to +0.25 metres
  • the water level in the floating harbour, Feeder Canal and River Avon upstream of Netham Lock may be reduced by as much as 0.5 metres during the period of approximately 12 hours from commencement of each scour
  • strong currents will be experienced in narrow bridge ways and especially Prince Street Bridge, Totterdown Junction, in the Feeder Canal at Netham Lock
  • vessels proceeding upstream against the current must give way to vessels coming downstream at all bridge ways, Totterdown Junction and at Netham Lock
  • all vessels when approaching Prince Street Bridge, Redcliffe Bridge, Totterdown Junction or Netham Lock must sound one prolonged blast of their whistle from either direction

8/22 Water sport activity sessions

Baltic Wharf Sailing Club racing

June to September: Saturdays, 11am to 1pm.
February to December, 1pm to 4pm.

Baltic Wharf Sailing Club training

First Saturday of each month, 11am to 1pm

Baltic Wharf Sailing Club event

Every Wednesday, 11am to 1pm.

Baltic Wharf Cadet and Social Sailing

May to September, every Wednesday, 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

All Aboard Youth Sailing

April to October, weekdays and evenings at Baltic Wharf.

All Aboard

Sailing and powerboat tuition throughout the year, at Baltic Wharf.

Bristol Canoe Club

Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the year, from Baltic Wharf to Netham.

Bristol Rowing Club

Throughout the year, Albion Dock to Netham and River Avon.

Ariel Rowing Club

Throughout the year, Netham to Hanham.

Guides Association

Evenings and weekends at Redcliffe Wharf.

Scouts Association

Evenings and weekends at Baltic Wharf.

TS Adventure Sea Cadets

Evenings and weekends, from Baltic Wharf to Narrow Quay.

Young Bristol

Water sports throughout the year at Pooles Wharf.

Bristol Gig Club

Gig rowing throughout the year, Bristol Marina to Netham.

27/17 Plimsoll Bridge Swing

With immediate effect from 31 March 2017 a 48 hours' notice is required for a Plimsoll Bridge swing.

This will affect all vessels of a height above float level of 5.8m entering or leaving Bristol City Docks.

The Deputy Harbour Master can be contacted on 0117 927 3633 and between tidal watches a message can be left on the answering machine.

This restriction will remain in force until further notice.

30/14 Short term licences: Netham Lock

The duty lock keeper at Netham will not be able to accept any cash payment for short term licences. The only method of payments will be by debit cards, credit cards or cheques.

31/11 Safety boat cover for water events

Any Water Events held in Bristol Harbour will need to have adequate safety cover provided and must have permission from the Harbour Master prior to the event happening.

Contact information

Harbour Office

Underfall Yard
Cumberland Road
Bristol, BS1 9NE

Opening Hours

Open for general enquiries, licensing and the purchasing of commodities daily (except Christmas Day) as follows:

Summer (BST)

Harbour Office: Monday to Sunday 08.30am to 4.30pm

Emergency Service: Duty Officers are on call between 07.30am and 10.00pm

Winter (GMT)

Harbour Office: Monday to Sunday 10am to 3pm

Emergency Service: Duty Officers are on call between 9am and 5pm

VHF Radio

Channel 73, call sign BRISTOL FLOATING HARBOUR.


Tel: 0117 903 1484
Fax: 0117 903 1487