The Community Toilet Scheme is for businesses and organisations who are happy to allow members of the public to use their toilet facilities.

The benefits of joining the scheme are:

  • more people coming into and using your business
  • free publicity: your premises will be added to an interactive online Community Toilet Scheme map, available for tourists and residents at places cross the city
  • a great way to show community involvement
  • supporting people with bladder, bowel and other health issues to get out and about
  • supporting people who don't have access to toilet facilities

When you join the scheme you'll be given signs to display in your premises.

See our example pdf Community Toilet Scheme signs (37 KB) .

The current Community Toilet Scheme facilities in Bristol are listed on our public toilets page.

Details of the Community Toilet Scheme

Length of the scheme

We'd like you to be in the scheme for six years. You can leave the scheme at any time.

You can also be removed from the scheme if you don't follow the set of standards.

Use of the toilets

Your toilets must be made available to all members of the public without exception or discrimination. You're entitled to expect the same standard of behaviour as from any other customer.

You have the right to refuse entry to any people who would normally be refused entry to your premises.

Licenced premises and children

Children are allowed to go into a bar or pub to use the toilet if they're with an adult and they don't stay.


You'll need public liability insurance. We strongly recommend that you tell your insurers when you join this scheme and check you have the right insurance cover.

Leaving the scheme

You can leave the scheme at any time by giving 28 days written notice.

If you choose to leave the scheme we'll take you off the online map within 28 days of receiving your notice.

Your facilities could stay on printed material for up to three years, before new materials are printed.

Staying in the scheme

To stay in the scheme you'll need to follow a set of standards (as part of an agreement), which include

  • Keeping the toilets available and clean
  • Displaying the scheme signs
  • Letting us know if there are changes to the facilities available or opening times

Apply to join the scheme

If you'd like to join this scheme contact us using our online form:

Join the scheme

After you've applied we'll arrange with you to make an assessment of your premises.

The premises assessment is based on:

  • types and standards of facilities available, including disabled access provision
  • opening hours
  • location within Bristol
  • location of your toilet facilities

General enquiries

If you have any enquiries contact us on