If you intend to set up a business as a caterer or food retail outlet, then you would normally only be registered as a Food Business.

However, if you intend to manufacture or handle products of animal origin, your business may have to be approved. If that is the case, it is an offence to operate without approval.

In order to obtain approval, you will need to meet certain standards relating both to structure and food safety. You will also need to have a detailed Food Safety Management system in place in order to ensure that the product you produce is safe.

Food of animal origin includes:

  • Meat and poultry fresh, frozen or cooked
  • Meat product such as pies or sausages
  • Raw or partially cooked minced meat and meat preparations
  • Fish and fish products (dead and alive)
  • Ready meals containing fish or meat
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Egg products
  • Frogs legs and snails
  • Rendered animal fats and other animal by-products (i.e. gelatine)
  • Honey
  • Blood

This is not a complete list. We would recommend that you contact our Food Safety Team for further information. Alternatively, you can also consult the European Union Regulations web page.

Apply to be an approved food business

Contact Food Safety team

If approval is required, we will visit your premises and discuss programmes of work that may be required to gain approval. Once approved, you will be issued with a unique approval number which makes up part of the identification mark required on your products and documentation.