Tell us if you move house, change your name or someone moves out.

Let us know about any changes so we can make sure your details are correct on the electoral register.

You've moved

If you've recently moved you'll need to register again at your new address.

You'll need to include your old address, so that we can update your details from that address.

Tell us you've moved housethrough the GOV.UK website


Someone no longer lives at an address

If someone no longer lives at an address because they've moved out or died let us know by:

We'll check the information you give us before we remove the person's details.

You'll need to tell us:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your relationship to the person or people, including if you're the new occupier of an address
  • their name
  • the address where they should no longer be registered at, if different to your own

Your name has changed

If your name has changed you'll need to register again, so we can update your details on the electoral register.

Tell us about a change of namethrough the GOV.UK website


Your name is spelt incorrectly on the electoral register

Email  or call 0117 922 3400.

You want to opt in or out of the open register

If you're already registered to vote you can take your name off the open register using our form. You will still be able to vote.

Opt in or out of the Open Register

You can choose if you want your details on the open register when you register to vote.

More about the electoral register and open register