How you can transfer to us if you're already a foster carer with an independent fostering agency.

You could move to us from an independent fostering agency in as little as 28 days.

We’re here for you every step of the way, whether:

  • you’re thinking of leaving the fostering agency you’re with, to foster for us
  • you’ve already decided to transfer to us

We follow The Fostering Network’s official Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol Go to (opens new window), to make sure that everything goes smoothly for you and the child in your care.

This blog post Go to (opens new window) from Fostering Network might help you get a sense of how fostering for the council is different to fostering for an independent fostering agency.

How to transfer to us

If you decide to transfer to us:

  • email us at or call us on 0117 353 4200 to let us know you're interested in fostering with us
  • let your agency know that you intend to resign
  • give them written permission to share your paperwork with our Fostering team
  • once you’ve been accepted as one of our foster carers, give your agency formal written notice that you’re resigning

What happens next

As long as all your checks are up to date, for example DBS, we won’t need to do these again.

One of our social workers will visit you a few times. They will then write a review and send it to our fostering panel, along with the paperwork your agency shares with us.

Once the panel has had a chance to read the review and give you the green light, we can welcome you aboard!

"As we began exploring a transfer to BCC we realised…that referrals were likely to be much more varied, we wouldn't have to deal with the issues that came with out of county placements and we could hope for a more settled household.

We only wish we would have transferred sooner!"

James and Hannah, foster carers for seven years

Contact us

Make an enquiry

Phone: 0117 3534200

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