A fostering role that focuses on preparing young people for independent living.

Branchout is our scheme for young people aged 16 years old and above who are leaving care, seeking asylum, or at risk of homelessness due to family breakdown.

The young person will live at your home, until they're ready to live independently, once they've learnt life skills and are ready to manage their own tenancy.

Your role would be to act as a supportive landlord rather than as a carer. Working together with the young person to prepare and support them to learn the skills to live independently, including managing their budget and paying rent.

This would suit you if:

  • you have experience of working with or caring for young people
  • you're patient, flexible and want a challenge
  • you're keen to share skills such as cooking, budgeting or DIY
  • you're willing to undertake relevant training

For more information, contact us.

"Working with young people at Branchout and being there for them when they need support has been incredibly rewarding. I'm so proud of the young people that have moved onto the first stages of independent living. We remain very much connected and I'm sure those bonds will remain for many years to come."

Sav, Branchout Host

"Apart from being fed fresh fruit and vegetables, Branchout has been one of the best things that's happened to me. "

CT, Branchout young person

Branchout fees

As a Branchout host you will be paid £195 a week per young person.

Some young people will claim their rent through benefits, and others will be supported by Social Care.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch for an informal chat, contact our fostering team.


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Contact us

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