A specialist full time fostering role, looking after vulnerable and challenging children.

If you've experience in supporting children with social, emotional and mental health needs, you could become an Intensive Therapeutic Support Carer.

To be an Intensive Therapeutic Support Carer you need to:

  • be over 25
  • have no children under the age of 15 living at home
  • have experience looking after children with social, emotional and mental health needs

Why become an Intensive Therapeutic Support Carer

One of our mantras is: Relationships heal.

It's not going to be easy but we know this works and you could change the life of a child who has faced much adversity.

What you will do in the role

As an Intensive Therapeutic Support Carer you'll need to:

  • build a highly supportive relationship with a child that allows them to feel safe
  • help children who have missed out on development catch up and learn new skills
  • improve the health, educational and future of a very vulnerable child
  • enable a child to remain within their local community
  • work closely with a team and other carers who will support you every step of the way

The support you'll get

The support you and the child will receive includes:

  • intensive support delivered by a multi-disciplinary team including daily phone calls
  • carer to carer out of hours support
  • weekly foster carer meetings
  • weekly or fortnightly 1:1 sessions for you
  • weekly or fortnightly child / carer sessions
  • weekly 1:1 skills coaching for this child
  • support for the child in school and for education staff via the education worker

The background of children you'll foster

The child you will look after may have:

  • a history of repeated moves from other foster carers
  • significant difficulties in school
  • verbal or physical aggressive behaviour
  • alcohol and/or substance abuse
  • at risk of criminal or sexual exploitation
  • self-harming behaviour


As an Intensive Therapeutic Support Carer you'll receive an enhanced fee of £650 per week.

How to apply

Contact us online to apply for the role or if you have any queries.

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