Electrical safety information for our council tenants

Faulty electrical appliances can be dangerous so it’s important you have them checked regularly and that you know how to spot a fault

To reduce the risk of harming yourself with your electrical appliances you should remember the following:

  • ensure all electrical appliances and equipment are regularly checked and tested
  • switch off any appliances when they’re not being used and pull out any plugs
  • never take electrical items into the bathroom
  • don't overload sockets by plugging too many appliances in
  • make sure the correct size fuses are fitted in plugs for the appliance you’re using
  • don't touch electrical appliances with wet hands
  • learn how your fuse box  works
  • if you’ve lost lighting or power check the fuse box to see if any switches are in the off position.  Reset the switch if possible while keeping away from any electrical items. If the switch won’t reset then contact us on 0117 922 2200 and we’ll send out an electrician
  • report all broken switches, light fittings and exposed wires to us
  • keep sockets safe from children by fitting socket covers
  • don’t ever try to fix electrical faults yourself

For more information on electrical safety have a look at the Avon Fire and Rescue website.