Benefits of employing a Personal Assistant (PA) and your responsibilities as an employer.

About employing Personal Assistants

Employing a Personal Assistant (PA) gives you choice and control over your care and support. It helps you focus on what's important to you.

There are benefits to using your direct payments to employ a PA. You can:

  • choose who you want to support you with your care and support needs
  • agree the hours your PA works
  • employ a PA who is specifically trained in your care and support needs
  • have a more personal and flexible approach

Becoming an employer

We can support you with the:

  • recruitment process, such as writing a job description and registering a Personal Assistant (PA)
  • management of your direct payments

You must:

  • check your PA has the right to work in the UK
  • make sure you have the correct liability insurance in place
  • make sure your PA is paid in compliance with National Minimum Wage regulations
  • provide a safe working environment
  • adhere to relevant pension legislation when employing a PA

If you choose to use a direct payment support service they'll be able to offer you advice and support with lots of the above.

Local support services

You can also find personal assistants online, using services such as:

For more information, see Employing Personal Assistants on the Skills for Care website.

Bristol City Council has no direct relationship with these organisations. There may be others available.