How we’ve used your feedback to develop the Local Offer in 2020.

In 2020 we had 105 comments about the Bristol’s SEND Local Offer website. These came from:

Feedback through Bristol’s Local Offer website

  • The Facebook page
  • Bristol Parent Carers 
  • Drop in events
  • February 2021 SEND Survey
  • What you told us

You told us you:

  • aren’t sure what the Local Offer is or how to find it
  • are more likely to use social media
  • would like better accessibility, including BSL and translation
  • found the site difficult to navigate and couldn’t always find the information you wanted
  • information isn’t always up to date

What we’re doing to improve Bristol’s Local Offer 

In 2020 we:

  • created a young person’s section with young people in our community
  • redesigned the look and feel of the site for easier accessibility
  • continued to review the content to make sure it’s up to date 
  • promoted the Local Offer by contacting professionals, community groups and schools 
  • continue to work with the community to make sure the website meets your needs 
  • sent leaflets to libraries, schools and GP surgeries to promote the website
  • launched a Facebook page: Visits – 297 total followers. Last 28 days: 145 page views, 2942 people reached, 407 post engagements. 
  • launched an Ambassador program so that professionals, parents and carers can contribute to developing the website
  • added a SEND News page to provide more information

In 2021 we are:

  • Continuing to update and add the information you want
  • Adding links to more video content to provide better accessibility
  • Improving accessibility and translation options
  • Creating a social media strategy to provide appropriate information tailored to your needs 
  • Working with young people to further develop the service we offer them
  • Using the Ambassador program to train professionals, parents and carers in creating content for the website
  • Promoting the Local Offer site through a wider range of social media, videos, newsletters and face to face meetings
  • Establishing a more comprehensive directory of local resources and developing a Community Mapping tool to help you find services across Bristol