Change's to Top Up Funding, when it is happening, what it will be replaced with and what happens to existing Top Up Funding arrangements.

Changes to Top Up Funding for Children and Young People who do not have an EHCP from Autumn 2024.

The final Top Up panel using the current model will be in June 2024. For information on the changes to Top Up Funding, please see the Bristol City Council Cabinet Papers.

What will replace Top Up Funding

Top Up Funding will be replaced by new SEND services developed in collaboration with education settings and SENDCos.

The new targeted funding model will replace Top Up  from September 2024. It will be administered by a decision-making panel chaired by Bristol City Council, and with representation from schools. Students will be eligible if they have emerging needs that go beyond what mainstream schools can normally provide. The first panel will be held in Autumn 2024.

Alongside the targeted fund, a portion of funding will be used to provide new outreach services which will support schools to improve their Ordinarily Available Provision (OAP). We are working with schools and families to understand the areas where this is most needed.

Existing Top Up Funding agreements

Existing Top Up Funding agreements will continue until their end date.

If a pupil currently receives Top Up Funding, this will continue to the end date agreed when funding was given. To identify when a current plan is ending for a specific pupil, schools should in the first instance contact the bursar in the education setting.

At the end of this funding period, these pupils will be supported either through the new Targeted Support Fund, a transition onto an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, or through their school's Ordinarily Available Provision.