What the register of licensed properties is and what we do with your personal data

It's a legal requirement for us to keep a public register of all properties licensed under the Housing Act 2004. 

The register includes:

  • names and addresses of a propertys landlord and any managing agents 
  • permitted number of occupiers (for HMOs)

For more information about what we do with your personal data, see our pdf Private Housing Service Privacy notice (282 KB) .

Accessing the register 

The Housing Act 2004 requires us to make the contents of the register available to the public and, if requested, to provide a copy of the register.

There are 2 ways to access the register.

1: Look up a property online

Property information is available on our online Pinpoint system.

Check a property

How to use Pinpoint:

  1. Enter the address and select Housing and property.  
  2. Select the type of licence you want to search.  

You can also zoom in on the map to find the area you want to look at.

Property owners information

Licence holders and Managing Agents names and addresses are not displayed online.

If you want information for up to three specific properties then email private.housing@bristol.gov.uk

We can only give the details of up to 3 properties per enquirer.

2: Get a hard copy of some or all of the register

This option is available for companies or individuals.

You must book an appointment to come to the office if you want a copy of the entire register.

You can get this delivered for an additional cost. This will be determined by your delivery address. Email private.housing@bristol.gov.uk for costings.

Do not make any payment if you require posting until costs have been confirmed.

You can't use details on this register for marketing purposes or without the consent of the individuals listed on it. See our data protection policy.

Cost of hard copy service

There is a charge of £94.97 for this service (excluding postage costs).

You can pay for this online:

  1. Go to the online payments page
  2. Select 'Property Licensing Fees'
  3. Select 'Mandatory HMO Licence Fees'
  4. In the Reference Number box enter 123456789012
  5. Enter your own address, email address and card details (these will not be shared with anyone)
  6. When you receive confirmation of payment, forward this to private.housing@bristol.gov.uk with a covering email