A guide to help you understand your council tax bill.

This image shows an example council tax bill. Each numbered section is explained in detail after the image.

Example council tax letter

What each numbered section means

  1. This is your personal reference number.  You must have this number to hand to talk to us about your bill.
  2. Date your council tax bill was printed. Any payments made after this date will not be shown on this bill.
  3. Name of the person or people responsible for paying the bill.
  4. The billing address.
  5. Your address if it is different to the billing address.
  6. This is how much council tax you need to pay for the year or part of the year, and includes details of any reductions.
  7. Here are details of installments, amounts due and dates of when you need to pay each installment.
  8. How you pay your bill, for example direct debit.
  9. This explains why weve sent the bill to you. A new bill is sent to you each year in March, and bills are sent if there are any changes to your account during the year.
  10. Your contribution towards council services, the fire service (Avon Fire Authority) and the police service (Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner).
  11. Total due for the year for this council tax band.
  12. Which council tax band your property is in.
  13. This section shows if your council tax bill has been reduced. It can be reduced by one band if your home has special features for a disabled adult or child.  The disabled person must live in the home this bill is for.

The back of your council tax bill

The back of your council tax bill has information that includes how to:

  • report changes in your circumstances
  • apply for reductions
  • appeal

View the back of your bill