When we'll consider a council tax discount for a property that's having major repairs, examples of repair work, and evidence you need to give us if the work's already been done.

You might be able to get a council tax discount if your property is unoccupied and unfurnished, and:

  • can't be lived in because it needs major repairs 
  • is having major structural work done

We call these properties 'uninhabitable'.

Examples of major repairs

Reasons a property may be uninhabitable include:

  • roof work that's needed on safety grounds
  • removal or rebuilding of internal supporting walls or external walls
  • subsidence and major underpinning
  • severe dry rot that needs extensive treatments or remedies
  • outer walls collapsed or broken
  • addition of supporting walls or floor joists
  • repair or renewal of foundations

Repairs and alterations not included

We won't give a discount a discount if you're:

  • putting in a new kitchen or bathroom
  • having new windows fitted
  • doing general refurbishment
  • rewiring, re-plumbing or re-plastering

Provide evidence

You will need to provide evidence of the works in question, such as:

  • the schedule of works
  • builder's invoices for the work carried out
  • surveyor's reports


Fill in the PDF and upload your completed application, together with any supporting documents to the Council tax general enquiry form.

pdf  Apply for a council tax discount (267 KB)

If we don't award a discount

We'll write to you with a letter of refusal, explaining our reasons why.  If you want to challenge our decision, you can provide us with more information to support your application.  

If we award a discount

We'll send you a revised bill once we award the discount. The discount normally applies from the date that we're satisfied that the work started or the date of the application.

We award the discount for a maximum of 12 months if work is still being carried out. You need to tell us if the work is finished early because this will mean the discount no longer applies to the property.