Information on how to use our eBook and eAudiobooks service.

Our eBook and eAudiobook services can be accessed from home.

BorrowBox for eBooks and eAudiobooks

Thousands of adults' and children's eBooks and eAudiobooks, with new titles regularly added.

You can have up to:

  • 10 eBooks for 21 days
  • 10 eAudiobooks for 14 days

This includes titles which can be borrowed by more than one person at a time, which are especially suitable for reading groups.

They can been renewed up to two times. The loan entitlement includes holds. For example, you can have 8 eBooks on loan and 2 eBooks on hold.

If you're using the app: 

  • download and open the BorrowBox app from your device's app store  
  • select your library authority and enter your library membership number and PIN 
  • agree to the terms and conditions 

If you're using the website: 

  • visit BorrowBox
  • select your library authority 
  • click 'sign in' in the top right-hand corner 
  • enter your library membership number and PIN

 You can find help and support by visiting BorrowBox, signing in and clicking on 'Help' or email