How to volunteer to monitor wildlife in our parks.

We need volunteers to monitor wildlife in our parks and green spaces to understand how the variety and number of plants and animals is changing in Bristol.

You can take part:

  • any time you're in a park
  • as part of a longer-term monitoring scheme that could take several years

Why monitor wildlife

We'll be tracking patterns, such as an increase or decrease in different plant or animal groups over the next 20 years across Bristol as part of the Bristol Wildlife Index.

This is one of the main actions of the One City Ecological Emergency Strategy.

We are introducing changes on how we manage our parks and green spaces for nature. Information from monitoring wildlife will help us to understand if this is having a positive impact across the city.

Ad hoc monitoring

You can record wildlife any time you're in a park through an app such as iNaturalist, or you can send in records directly to the local environmental records centre.

Send as many details of the record as you can, including photos where possible.

Longer-term monitoring

Longer-term monitoring of wildlife can give us the most valuable insights into changes in wildlife populations and to track the state of nature in Bristol over time.

There are lots of national wildlife recording schemes for different plant and animal groups. Find out more about how you can take part in a long-term study of wildlife in the West of England.

Contact us

Before you set up a longer-term recording scheme in one of our parks, email

We can help with setting up the survey. We may also need to give permission if you need to leave any survey equipment on site.