What to do when you no longer need your residents' parking permit.

If you have a paper permit

If you want to cancel your paper  resident parking permits fill in the get residents parking permit refund form and return your permit to get a refund of the unused  days on your paper permit.  Any further use may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

Return your permit to: Parking Services (permits), PO Box 3399, Bristol. BS1 9NE.

We'll send you a refund of the unused days on your permit within 15 working days of receiving your form.

If you have a digital permit

If you want to cancel your digital permit you need to contact MiPermit Go to https://secure.mipermit.com/bristol/application/contact.aspx (opens new window) to cancel any existing permits or visitor permits, you'll get a refund of unused days.