What is an advocate, how an advocate can help you, how to get an advocate.

What is an advocate

Sometimes you might find it difficult to say what you want or ask questions about your care. An advocate can help you express your feelings and wishes.

Advocates are independent from Bristol City Council and social services. An advocate is there to support you, so they will only ever say or do what you ask them to. They will not decide what is right or wrong for you.

An advocate can:

  • come to meetings with you and talk on your behalf
  • help you understand your rights
  • make sure the people involved in your care listen to you
  • explain legal processes
  • help you write letters or make phone calls
  • help you make a complaint

Your relationship with your advocate is confidential. They won't talk to your social worker, foster carer or anyone else without your permission, unless they're worried that you or someone else may be at risk. 

How to get an advocate

You can get an advocate through the Reconstruct Advocacy Service.

To ask for an advocate:

If you don't want to contact Reconstruct by yourself, you can ask an adult you trust to do it for you.