Types of Clean Air Zone traffic signs and where they are used

There are five types of sign used to give information about the Bristol Clean Air Zone.  There are four types of Clean Air Zone Go to https://www.gov.uk/guidance/driving-in-a-clean-air-zone#types-of-clean-air-zones (opens new window).  In Bristol, we have a type ‘D' CAZ. This is indicated by the letter ‘D' within the cloud symbol on the traffic signs. 

Advance warning signs

Used on roads approaching the zone boundary and positioned where you can choose to take an alternative route. There may also be a camera enforcement sign.

CAZ Advance warning sign

Direction signs

Used on the approaches to the zone boundary, often instead of advance warning signs.

CAZ Directional sign 2

Entry signs

These are the boundary signs at the exact point where the zone starts. There will also be a camera enforcement sign.

CAZ Entry signs 1

Exit signs

These are the boundary exit signs showing that you are now leaving the zone.

CAZ Exit signs 1

Repeater signs

These are within the zone to remind you that you are driving in the zone and there is camera enforcement.

 CAZ Repeater sign