How we’ve used your feedback to develop the Local Offer in 2017 and 2018.

From August 2017 to August 2018, we had 65 comments on Bristol’s SEND Local Offer.  These came from:

  • our parent carer forum
  • Bristol Parent Carers 
  • feedback submitted through the Findability website

What you told us

You told us that you:

  • don’t know where to find information about support that’s available in the local area 
  • don’t know what the Local Offer is and you haven’t heard of the website Findability
  • don’t use websites as much as social media and apps to get information
  • need more information about short breaks 
  • had issues updating events and organisation details on the Findability website
  • liked the Findability website and that it was quite easy to find information 

What we’re doing to improve Bristol’s Local Offer

A new Bristol Local Offer website

In early 2018 we decided, with our partners, to build a new Local Offer website. The new website is:

  • more closely linked to the main council website to help people find it more easily
  • more accessible because the content is well organised and easily interpreted by screen readers
  • designed with feedback from parents, carers, young people and professionals
  • kept up to date by us, so organisations don’t have to log on to a database to tell us about changes to their services

We’ll carry on working with parents, carers, young people and professionals to get feedback on our new site. 

Improving our engagement activity

We plan to increase engagement and publicity of our Bristol Local Offer site by recruiting a Local Offer Co-ordinator to promote it to parents, carers, young people and professionals. 

You told us that you don’t use websites to find information, so we’re looking at how we could use different channels, such as social media, to tell parents, carers and young people about Local Offer information.

Reviewing short breaks information

 We’re reviewing the information we have available about short breaks to make sure it tells families what they need to know. 

Give us your comments

You can give us feedback about our SEND Local Offer using our online form