The Inclusion Service helps children and young people with SEND access short breaks, how to contact the Inclusion Service.

The Inclusion Service is part of the social care hub within Disabled Children's Services.

We work with organisations that provide short breaks for children and young people with additional needs, so that they can do play and leisure activities.

All parents and carers and play and youth settings can use the Inclusion Service, to support children with additional needs.

If you're a parent or carer of a child with an additional need, we'll meet you to see how we can help you access a short break.

You'll get an inclusion practitioner who can:

  • offer advice, such as suggesting activities the child or young person could do
  • find the most suitable play and youth groups for your child
  • work with you and the provider to make sure your child's needs are met
  • help providers to include and support children with additional needs within their setting
  • encourage and support providers to promote inclusion as part of our belonging strategy to create a city where all children and young people feel at home and that they belong, and where they and their families can thrive

Contact the Inclusion Service

For more information or to refer your service or a child to us: