Sign up to the Register to get a free discount card and stay updated on what's available in your area.

What the Register is

We're required by law to keep a voluntary register. This is of children and young people from birth to 18 years old who live in Bristol and have a disability or special educational need. 

The Register helps us and local health services understand:

  • how many children and young people with special educational needs live in Bristol 
  • the types of needs they have

Once registered, you'll get a pink card from Disabled Children Services, which you can use as identification if your disability isn't obvious. It also allows you to get discounts. 

Who can join

Children and young people are eligible if they:

  • are aged 0 to 18 years old
  • have a disability, special need or health condition that affects their daily lives, including social communication disorders and learning disabilities 
  • live in Bristol

How to join

Add a child or young person to the Bristol Children's Disability Register

If you have any questions about the register email:

Why join

When a child or young person signs up to the register they'll get:

  • The Pink Card, which they can use as proof of their disability and can be used for discounts at some local and national attractions
  • The Local Offer newsletter and updates if you give us your email

The register is an opportunity for us to hear from children, young people, parents and carers. We use this information to plan and develop better services. 

How we keep your details confidential

We keep your information on a secure computer database under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation. The information you give us will be seen by social care staff across Bristol. 

We'll archive or remove your child's information:

  • when they reach 18 years old 
  • if they die
  • if they move to an address outside of Bristol

Contact information

Call: 0117 903 8250