In 2021 the SENDCO conference was replaced with the virtual event, March 4 SEND.

March 4 SEND videos

Following the successful March 4 SEND event, we‘ve been working hard to finalise videos of the sessions.

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A summary of the sessions is below.

Event presentations

Children in Care (CiC)

Presenter: Nick Lawrence    

How HOPE Virtual school supports CiC.

The SENDCO role in PEP meetings for children with EHCPs. What's the data telling us about CIC with SEN?

How SENDCO's  support CiC and the designated teacher to improve outcomes for CiC.

The new Children and Young Persons Outcomes Framework   

Presenters: Mark Hemmings and Vikki Jervis   

Produced by the local area for the local area. Essential for anyone involved in EHC needs assessments (SENDCO's, Social Workers, Health Practitioners, EP's, Therapists).

Bristol Parent Carers Forum: Inclusion and Belonging   

Presenter: Stuart Hall   

An informal workshop exploring the theme of personalisation and inclusion from the perspective of the parent carer. 

Discussion and reflection on the benefits of personalisation and inclusion for the child and the partnership between parent carer and setting.

Time for Change project: How to run a person-centred annual review?

Presenters: Amanda Gaulter, Mark Gooding, Debbie Harrison  

Person centred working puts CYP and families at the centre: everyone has the right to exercise choice and control in their lives.

Learn fun and creative ways to run a person-centred AR Practical considerations around what to do before, during and after annual reviews to ensure CYP and family are at the centre of decisions made about them.


Presenters: Jenny Maxwell and Ben Westley

Consider how PATH can become part of our daily practice to enable CYP and families to think about a positive future. 

PATH's produce beautiful visual representations of what is agreed and use a person-centred approach'. 
Bristol are changing EHCA and AR processes to embed person centred approaches.

Time 4 Change: Improving the Child and Young Persons Voice

Presenter: Will Shield

Interactive workshop focusing on using a person centred approach to gaining a CYP's view.

Helping with collaborative decision making and problem solving. We will share resources and ideas, and highlight the key principles underlying this approach.

Helpful for anyone working directly with school aged CYP.

Time 4 Change Project: Sharing the new EHCP Template

Presenters: Mary Taylor and Chloe Robinson   

As part of the written statement of action, collaboration groups have redesigned our Bristol EHCP.

The proposed template is now ready to share with you so come along and see what it looks like & hear about how it will improve the quality of our plans and outcomes for CYP.

Whole-school wellbeing profiling: Developing a city-wide approach

Presenter: Duncan Gillard  

Two exciting pilot studies taking place across 10 Bristol schools. One using PASS: Pupil Attitudes to Self and School, the other using the Good Childhood Index

Findings will be used to inform a city-wide approach to identifying student wellbeing profiles across whole-school communities, which we aim to launch next school year.

Time 4 Change Project: Professional Portal 

Presenters: Mary Taylor and Chloe Robinson  

The PP will be launched later this year.

This is a means for all SENDCO's and other professionals to provide contributions (information and advice) on all those who have an EHC plan for their annual reviews. It also includes those at the start of their Education, Health and Care Needs Assessments.

Introduction to Ordinarily Available Provision Guidance

Presenters: Vikki Jervis, Richard Hanks, Emma Lloyd, Joao Roe

Providing a shared approach to the school/setting-based stages of the SEND COP across the city. 

Useful for all working with CYP across ed, health, and social care.  Essential for anyone involved in CYP in the early stages of the SEND COP (Assess, Plan, Do and Review), or considering making a Top Up application or needs assessment application.  

Helpful for all working with CYP with SEND: senior leaders in education settings such as Head Teachers, phase leaders and SENDCo. SEND governors may also be interested. 

Colleagues from Health and Social Care will see what the local area expects to be in place before additional funding or EHC Needs assessments are requested.

An Introduction to the Belonging Strategy

Presenter: Rachael Pryor  

The presentation will explore the shift needed to enable us to become a more inclusive city and what we mean by belonging.

Inclusion in education is about ensuring that every learner feels valued and respected, and can enjoy a clear sense of belonging.

Autism AET and current ways of working

Presenters: Emma Noble and Jo Davies  

A session designed to support SENDCO's and Headteachers to understand: importance of early identification, how to raise whole school Autism awareness, how to refer to relevant agencies and will support settings in guiding families pre and post diagnosis.

Breaking down barriers and changing outcomes for autistic children and young people and their families. Early identification is critical to developing independence, emotional wellbeing, social skills, communication and overall development. Two year waiting lists for assessment mean pace is crucial to timely intervention.

High Needs Block Transformation Program

Presenters: Alison Hendy and Louise Arbery 

The HNB Transformation Program is the proposed new process for schools to apply for additional funding.

Time 4 Change Project: Family Portal

Presenters: Mary Taylor and Chloe Robinson  

This new IT development will allow families or YP to access their SEND journey; if going through a Needs Assessment or if they have an EHC plan and want to access copies of their SEND documents.

The session will demo how the portal looks and works! It's still under development so come along and be part of the collaboration, working to improve accessibility for families and young people with SEND.

Written Statement of Action and Time 4 Change

Presenters: Mary Taylor  

The T4C Project started April 2020 to improve 5 key areas: 

Improving CYP voice, Redesign of the EHC plan template, improving annual reviews, implementing the professional and family portals. Update on progress so far and the implementation timeline. 

Ideal for SLT or SEND governors who want an overview of SEND OFSTED developments under section 3 of the WSOA and the future impact on CYP, schools and SENDCO's.

A Three Year plan for SEND workforce development in Bristol

Presenter: Jenny Maxwell

Imagine going 3 years into the future, and hearing parents, carers, YP, SENDCos, school governors, head teachers, city councillors, teachers, LSAs, health professionals and social care professionals all saying they know exactly how SEND processes work to support CYP in Bristol.  Plus they are all confident about the skills they need to identify, and support SEND. That's the aim of the workforce development plan.

Every leader a leader of SEND: from governors to lunch time staff

Presenter: Emma Lloyd

Priority 1 of the Written Statement of Action (WSoA) states that:

all leaders, including school leaders, will establish a culture of individual responsibility, collective responsibility and collaborative working to ensure that CYPs with SEND needs, receive high quality provision.

What does this mean in practice?

FLORA, Family Support and Inclusion Team

Presenters: Emma Hood and Kate Markley

FLORA (Families, Local Offer  Resources and Advice)

Learn what the new FLORA service does and how SENDCo's can make best use of the service.