We can give you a loan to help you restore and develop empty properties.

Get a loan to develop an empty property

If you need financial help to develop a property thats been empty for at least six months you could get short term property loans for developers.

Two types of loans are available.

Loan to sell

This is for properties being sold when the works are complete.

Its available as a short term, interest only loan with full capital repayment within two years of drawn down or on the earlier sale of the property.

These loans are for properties that have current planning permission to:

  • convert commercial units that have been empty for at least six months into residential accommodation units
  • refurbish or convert residential properties that have been empty for at least 6 months

Loan to let

This is for units that will be privately rented out when works are finished and will continue to be rented out for a minimum of 5 years or as long as the loan is being repaid.

Landlords will be required to complete and Fit and Proper Person declaration and meet relevant criteria.

Its available as a capital and interest repayment loan over a maximum 10 year term or on earlier sale of the property.

To apply for an empty property loan contact us directly.

Empty property loan conditions

To get a loan:

  • the property must have been empty for at least six months
  • you must already have permission for change of use
  • you must have sufficient equity in the property to cover the loan
  • all appropriate planning permission must be obtained prior to approval of the loan

You can get a maximum loan of £20,000 per self contained flat and a maximum of £60,000 per development or premises.

Well give you 50% of the loan when you begin to work on the property and the rest when you finish.

Loan interest rates of 4% fixed throughout the term of the loan will be applied.

If you take out an empty property loan we will register a District Land Charge. This means if you sell the property before paying off the loan we can recover the outstanding balance of the loan from the sale price of the property.  

Loan terms and conditions are on the  pdf Financial Assistance Schedule. (567 KB)

Report an empty property

See report an empty property.

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