You'll need to give us written permission for someone else to discuss your application or licence with us on your behalf.

If you want someone else to represent you when you're applying for a licence or during the licence period, you'll need to give us written permission that they can act on your behalf. 

This is to comply with the new data protection laws (GDPR)

Your representative may need access to your personal and sensitive personal data including finance information, criminal history or medical information if it's required for your application or licence. 

They'll also need to know your name, address and date of birth to if they want to discuss your application or licence with us. 

See our privacy statement.

Complete the form

To give permission for them to act as your representative, you'll need to complete the pdf authorisation form for a licence representative (106 KB)   and return it with your licence application:

Licensing Team (Temple Street) 
Bristol City Council
PO Box 3399 

Your authorisation begins from the date you've signed the authorisation letter and can lasts for one calendar year.

After a year, you'll need to submit another pdf authorisation form (106 KB)  if needed.

Cancel your authorisation

You can cancel the authorisation for your representative to act on your behalf at any time. If you want to cancel the authorisation, you'll need sign and return on the pdf authorisation letter for a licence representative (106 KB)  to us.