On 6 February 2024 Bristol City Council's Cabinet approved plans to implement two new licensing schemes:

  • A citywide Additional licensing scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).
  • A Selective licensing scheme covering most other privately rented properties in the Bishopston and Ashley Down, Cotham and Easton wards.

pdf New wards for selective licensing scheme map. (101 KB)

Additional licensing includes a house or flat that is occupied by three or four unrelated people who live together and share some facilities including kitchens and/or bathrooms.

Selective licensing includes private rented properties that are occupied by one or two tenants, or a family, but are not HMOs.

When the schemes come into force

The scheme will come into force on the 6 August 2024.

Landlords or agents will have up to 3 months to submit their applications and Part 1 fee from that date.

You'll not be able to check or make an application for properties under these schemes until that date.

Full details of the designations can be found in the pdf HMO Public Notice (159 KB) .

If you have a Mandatory licence you  do not need to apply for an additional HMO licence.

If you have an existing Additional Licence , under either the Central Additional licensing scheme or the Bedminster, Brislington West, Horfield Additional licensing scheme, that expires before 5 August 2029, you will need to apply for a Citywide Additional licence when it expires.