One of the responsibilities of local authorities under The Care Act 2014 is to produce market position statements.  They're aimed at existing and new providers of care services. 

What they do is to:

  • set out how we see our population changing and
  • what their care needs may be into the future. 

The position statements look at both changing needs and the services that we want to see developing to meet those needs.

We aim to use market position statements to work with providers and other partners to make sure the right services are in place.  We do this through one off market events and in our regular provider forums that cover a variety of care services.

Market position statements will also be closely linked with the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).  This is a statutory duty for our Public Health Department and covers changing demographics and needs as well as setting out wider wellbeing issues for Bristol.

See our current market position statements below.

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pdf Working Together for Better Lives (3.79 MB)

This is our overarching Market Position Statement and includes our Vision, Approaches and how we will work with Providers.