Find out what we're responsible for and how we monitor our work through site inspections.

Our responsibilities

Caretaking services are responsible for cleaning and managing our flats and high-rises.

Their duties include:

  • cleaning of communal areas in and around flats and maisonettes
  • checking and dealing with any issues that affect the environment of estates, such as rubbish and recycling
  • carrying out site inspections
  • monitoring standards of cleanliness with tenants and publishing the results
  • making sure that when cleaning is delivered by a contractor, you receive a good service which has value for money
  • making sure that our laundries are opened on time and laundry slots are given out fairly
  • reporting any abuse of the laundry facilities or abuse by residents when using the laundry
  • removal of rubbish and health hazards such as syringes as quickly as we can
  • arranging the removal of graffiti: if graffiti is racist or sexist it'll be removed within 24 hours of being reported
  • car parking issues
  • reporting unauthorised, badly parked, abandoned or untaxed vehicles
  • reporting communal repairs and making sure they're done
  • working with the Estate Management Service and the Anti-Social Behaviour Team to reduce and tackle anti-social behaviour
  • working with local tenant groups to help us set and monitor our standards
  • encouraging residents to attend site inspections
  • developing the service to make sure we're meeting all our tenants' needs

How often sites should be cleaned

How often we clean and mantain our sites depends on the needs of the site. A pdf site specification (21 KB)  lists the tasks that will be done at each site. You can find this on display on the Caretaking services site noticeboard. If you'd like a copy email

Work that's done by a contractor 

Some of our low rise sheltered housing sites are cleaned by a contractor. Their work is monitored by Caretaking services. To find out if this is the case where you live or if you have a comment, email

How standards of cleaning are monitored

Every site must achieve a minimum standard of cleanliness. We carry out regular site inspections to check the cleanliness and site management of each site. They also help identify any repairs that are needed or any tenancy issues. The inspections involve:

  • Tenants and or Area Caretakers walking around the site. They will check a number of elements such as external areas, bin rooms and staircases.
  • Each element is given a score, which is recorded on a site inspection form. The site must meet a set minimum score for it to be judged as being satisfactory.
  • If any element is judged to be unsatisfactory, actions to resolve this will be agreed with the Caretakers that are responsible for the site.
  • The results of each inspection, including any actions required, are displayed on the Caretaking services site noticeboard.

When do site inspections take place?

  • Most sites are inspected monthly, though this varies from site to site.
  • If you have time you would be very welcome to join us on an inspection. Inspections usually start by the main entrance.
  • You can find out when inspections take place at your site by looking on the Caretaking services site noticeboard or by contacting Caretaking services.

How much does the service cost?

The amount that you pay for the caretaking service depends on how much cleaning your site requires. There are five charges in total.  For more information see rent and service charges.