Apply for a transfer to a different type of council home, or another area in Bristol.

Before you apply for a transfer

If you're a secure tenant Go to (opens new window), you could apply to exchange or swap your home with someone else. It may be quicker than applying for a transfer.

Set up a Home Choice Bristol account

You'll need to apply for a transfer on the HomeChoice Bristol website. 

Register your household with Home Choice Bristol to set up your account. You can then apply for a transfer by bidding on properties that are advertised.

Apply for a transfer

All council and housing association tenants can apply for a transfer, including introductory tenants.

Apply for a transfer on HomeChoice Bristol

On the HomeChoice website   

What happens after you apply

We look at your application and prioritise it based on what you've told us in the application.

You'll get an email or letter (if you haven't given us an email address) once your application has been assessed. This could take approximately eight weeks.

What we prioritise

We may give priority to your application if the home you live in now is:

  • bigger than you need, for example because your children have left home
  • not big enough for what you need, for example because your family has grown 
  • not suitable because you're ill or have a disability

Special needs or supported housing

Make sure you tell us if you need a transfer because you:

  • have health issues
  • need adapted or supported accommodation

This helps us understand your needs so we can transfer you to the right home.

Get more advice

If you want to talk to someone about transferring to a new home you can: