You can apply to give your tenancy to your partner or another person that you live with so they can keep the tenancy if you move out or die. This is called assigning your tenancy to someone.

Assigning the tenancy doesn't create a new one. It's giving your tenancy rights to another person.
You can only assign your tenancy to someone who's already qualified to succeed the tenancy if you were to die. This depends on your relationship to the tenant and when the tenancy started.

What to think about before you apply

If you assign the tenancy to someone else, you lose all legal rights to the tenancy and you won't be able to get them back.
Make sure you've thought very carefully before assigning your tenancy to someone else and don't be forced into doing it.
If you assign the tenancy and the new tenant asks you to leave, you could be left without a place to live, as we won't have to find you a new home. 
Assigning your tenancy could change how much housing benefit your household's can get.
Assigning your tenancy counts as a succession' and only one succession is allowed. This means that the person who you assign the tenancy to can't assign it to someone else. Also, if they were to die, the tenancy couldn't be passed on to someone else.

Why we wouldn't approve your application

We won't approve your application if:
  • you have a joint tenancy: joint tenancies can't be assigned under law
  • the person you want to assign to doesn't have the right to succeed to the tenancy if you were to die
  • you don't live with the person you want to assign your tenancy to or you're not married or in a civil partnership with them
  • your home is too big for the person you want to give the tenancy to
  • you don't make arrangements to pay any debts you owe us
  • we think you're being forced to apply against your will
  • you have not provided the requested supporting information

How to apply

You need to post this to the address on the form or give it to an advisor at our Citizen Service Point.

What happens after you apply

If we refuse your application, we'll write and let you know why.
If we approve your application, we'll meet you and your assignee to complete the Deeds of Assignment and the Licence to Assign. The assignment will only be complete and legal once this is done.  
After that, we'll send you confirmation of the change in tenancy details.