Our affordable housing plans, policies and partnerships

Affordable Housing Delivery Plan

 The  pdf Project 1000 Affordable Housing Delivery Plan 2022-25 (7.35 MB) outlines how we'll focus our land, time, money, and influence to improve the way affordable housing is delivered in Bristol.
We aim  to work with partners, local communities and developers to deliver 1000 new affordable homes each year by 2024. 

 Affordable housing practice notes and guidance


The practice notes and guidance explain how different types of affordable housing are delivered in the city. 

Affordable housing mixes

Guides to help developers put forward suitable affordable housing mixes for each area of the city.


HomesWest was established to deliver new affordable homes across the West. Partners will work at the West of England level to:

  • support increased delivery, engage in regional debate
  • support housing and  planning policy development
  • develop best practice.

Partners will also work at a Unitary Authority level, to meet local affordable housing priorities.

Key partnership documents are:

For further information about these documents email strategyandenabling@bristol.gov.uk