Your Blue Badge means that you can park in more places, longer and in some cases, free of charge.

On-street parking

With a valid Blue Badge on display in your vehicle, you can park:

  • on a single or double yellow line for up to three hours in England and Wales, unless there's a ban on loading or unloading. There may be other local restrictions, so always check any signs before you park
  • all day in any on-street pay and display parking bay in the city of Bristol, free of charge
  • all day in any on-street limited waiting bay in the city of Bristol
  • in any on-street disabled parking bay showing the Blue Badge sign. Some are limited to three hours and this will be shown on the signs

Residents' parking scheme areas

In residents' parking scheme areas:

  • you can park all day in any permit holder parking bay, shared use parking bay, or pay and display bay in a residents' parking scheme area, free of charge if you are displaying your Blue Badge in your vehicle

  • if you live in a residents' parking scheme area you'll need to apply for digital visitor parking permits for your visitors to park

Off-street parking

Car parks are all different, so check the signs before you park.