What to do if you have a problem with smoke, smells, dust, light or excessive bird feeding and what types of problems we investigate.

If smoke, smells, or dust bother you, try and talk to the person responsible.  They may not realise they're causing a problem. 

If this doesn't resolve the problem or you can't talk to the person responsible, you can report it to us.

You'll need to fill in a document 7 day nuisance diary (68 KB)  if you're reporting:

  • fumes or gas
  • smoke
  • smell
  • excessive bird feeding

Report a problem with smoke, smells or dust

Only use this form to report statutory nuisances. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 defines a statutory nuisance as any problem that:

materially interferes with the average person's use or enjoyment of their premises or is prejudicial to health.

This means that a problem has to be more than simply irritating or inconvenient, for us to consider it a statutory nuisance. 

Read more about statutory nuisances Go to https://www.gov.uk/guidance/statutory-nuisances-how-councils-deal-with-complaints#what-can-be-a-statutory-nuisance (opens new window) on GOV.UK.              

What dust, smells, or smoke problems we don't look into

We don't look into complaints:

  • about car exhausts or car fumes
  • about high levels of air pollution, for example pollution caused by road traffic
  • if you don't know where the problem is coming from