When we can withdraw a secondary school place offer.

We can withdraw the offer of a secondary school place if:

  • you have given, fraudulent or intentionally misleading information such as a false address, when you sign or submit an application online you are stating that the information is true and accurate
  • you have not responded to an offer within a reasonable time
  • the offer was made as a result of an administrative error
  • we can now offer you a school which you had as a higher preference
  • we’re able to meet a higher preference on your latest application
  • you didn’t let us know about a change of circumstance such as a change of address, resulting in an offer of a school place based on incorrect information

False information

If false information is used to apply for a school place before an offer of a school place is made your application will be considered void.  You will have to apply again for a school place.

If a sibling currently at the school had been offered a place on the basis of false information; any further applications for school places will not use the sibling connection.