The changes we've made to our adult care services because Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Because of government restrictions and social distancing measures we've slightly changed how we work and we'll continue to review this. 

Changes to the services

Care assessments and reviews

We're running many of our care assessments and reviews by phone or video calls. We're continuing to undertake essential visits in agreement with individuals in a safe way. 

Day centres

Bristol Community Links North and Bristol Community Links South are open for a limited number of service users. Infection control measures are in place to keep our staff and service users safe.  

Many of our privately commissioned day services are also open. We're working closely with those centres, and with those that are closed to help them explore how they can reopen safely in future.  

We're in regular contact with service users who attend day services to make sure they get the support they need, particularly if their normal day support is not available.

Financial assessments

We're running financial assessments remotely. 

If there's been a delay between the start date of your care and support package and the date when we were able to undertake your financial assessment, you will be charged retrospectively. 

Our practitioners will provide you with all the necessary information relating to our charging policy, so you can make an informed decision about accepting care and support.

Choice of support

Given current restrictions in certain situations we may need to explore alternative ways of providing support, such as  when day centres are closed. 

Coronavirus and the Care Act

Along with all other local authorities, we have been granted permission by the government to make temporary changes (or easements) to the way we deliver care.

These changes are set out in the Coronavirus Act 2020 and refer to our duties under the Care Act 2014.

We'll only resort to making the changes if we experience high levels of demand or staff issues which make it necessary for us to do so.

There are four stages relating to the easements, set out by the Department of Health and Social Care guidance:

  • Stage one: business as usual
  • Stage two: applying flexibilities while continuing to meet legal duties under pre-amendment Care Act
  • Stage three: streamlining services under Care Act easements
  • Stage four: prioritisation under Care Act easements

Councils are only considered to be applying the easements if operating at stages three or four.

We're currently working at stage two which means we are working flexibly while continuing to meet all our legal duties under the Care Act before it was amended.