What a polling district review is and why we needed to do it 

We carried out a review of the suitability of our voting arrangements to make sure that the location of venues, the number of them and their accessibility are fit for purpose for voting at all elections over the next 5 years.

Following a consultation period, all comments were considered and appropriate changes were made and approved by Full Council on 12 December 2023. The review was implemented on 1 February 2024 ready for the May 2024 Bristol City Council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

The review did not include:

  • parliamentary constituencies
  • local ward boundaries

Why we needed to do this

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the Electoral Administration Act 2006 and the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, we have a duty to:

  • divide the parliamentary constituencies in the Bristol City Council area into geographical areas, called polling districts 
  • assign polling places and polling stations to each polling district

A polling station is the venue where people from a polling district go to vote. A polling place is the geographical area in which a polling station is located.

More information

If you have questions about the polling district review, email polling.review@bristol.gov.uk