How to apply for, cancel and renew your postal vote. 

The deadline to apply for a postal vote for the General election on Thursday 4 July 2024 is 5pm on Wednesday 19 June 2024.

Postal ballot packs will be posted 1st class on:

  • 17 June 2024, for applications received and processed by 25 May 2024
  • 26 June 2024, for applications received and processed between 26 May and 19 June 2024

If you're unable to get to your local polling station on the day of an election you can vote by post.

Anyone who's registered to vote can apply for a postal vote, so long as you're aged 18 or over.

Each person requiring a postal vote must apply separately.

You can apply for a postal vote:

  • for 1 election
  • for a set period of time
  • for the maximum period (up to 3 years)

You will need to provide a signature when you apply for a postal vote online. It must match the one you use when you vote by post, so it's important it looks the same each time.

Apply for a postal vote

Apply for a postal vote on GOV.UK

If you live abroad

If you live abroad you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf, as there may not be enough time for postal votes to reach you and be sent back before the poll closes.

Your proxy must either apply for a postal vote or be able to vote at your usual polling station.

After you've applied

We'll confirm that your postal vote application has been successful, there may not always be enough time to do this just before an election.

Where possible, we'll send your postal voting papers around 2 weeks before the election.

How to cancel your postal vote

If you want to cancel your postal vote we must receive a request in writing, stating:

  • your name
  • your address
  • you want to cancel your postal vote

If you want to cancel your postal vote, email

If you want to cancel your postal vote close to the time of an election there will be a deadline for when we must receive this request. More details will be available on the web page for the election.

How to vote by post

New legislation regulates how postal votes can be returned. The new rules mean we cannot accept postal votes at council offices.

You can mail your postal votes if there is enough time, or you can take them to your polling station on election day.

If you need to take postal votes to a polling station, you'll also need to fill in a form. Someone in the polling station will be able to help you with this.

Your postal vote must reach us by 10pm on polling day.

Absent vote signature renewal

If you have a postal vote, by law you must renew your application every 3 years.

We will write to you to let you know when you need to reapply. If you do not renew your application you'll lose your ability to vote by post.

Privacy notice

Read our privacy statement and our pdf Electoral Services privacy notice (179 KB) to see what we do with your personal information.