How to set up regular garden waste collections, order a new or replacement garden waste bin or cancel the service.

Garden waste collections are every two weeks.

The service is suspended for one month over the Christmas and New Year period.

The collection dates are available on the collection day finder once you're paying for the service.

pdf Garden waste terms and conditions (129 KB) .

Get a garden waste collection service

We charge £21 for delivery of a 240 litre bin and £50 annual service charge.

If you receive some benefit payments the pdf concessionary rate (91 KB) is £10 for delivery of a 240 litre bin and £24 annual service charge.

You are responsible for the bin's security and any repairs. We only collect Bristol City Council bins and may not if they are damaged.

There are 3 ways to set up a garden waste collection service:


You can order online if you're paying by card for a:

  • new bin and a year's garden waste collection subscription
  • year's garden waste collection subscription only, if you already have a bin

Order garden waste collections service

Direct Debit

You get a £3 discount off the annual service charge for paying by Direct Debit.

Get a new bin and set up regular collections:
pdf Garden waste and bin Direct Debit form (244 KB) .

Set up regular collections if you already have a bin:
pdf Garden waste service only Direct Debit form (193 KB) .

Fill in the form and send it to:

  •, send a scan or a clear photo of the form or
  • Bristol City Council (Garden Waste), 100 Temple Street, PO BO 3399, Bristol, BS1 9NE

By phone

Call 0117 922 2100 to:

  • order a new bin
  • set up a new collection

You can pay by credit or debit card.

It's not possible to set up a Direct Debit over the phone.

Get a replacement bin

A replacement bin costs £28. If you receive some benefit payments the pdf concessionary rate (91 KB) is £14.

Order a replacement garden bin

or call 0117 922 2100.

Report a garden waste bin damaged by us

If we damaged your garden waste bin when we made a collection, either:

We'll make an investigation and get back to you about a replacement.

Change of address, cancel service, remove unwanted garden wheelie bin

Change of address

If you move house within Bristol, email to let us know your new address and take your bin with you.

If you move outside of Bristol, leave your bin at your registered property. Email to let us know you have moved outside Bristol.


You can cancel the garden waste service if you no longer require that service.

There's no refund if you cancel your service within the subscription period.

To cancel the service, email:


If the garden wheelie bin is no longer needed it can be removed as long as it is empty.

If you want to get your garden wheelie bin removed, email: