If you can't park at your property we've got a number of garages and parking bays across Bristol that you can rent.

Apply to rent a council garage 

You can rent a garage for your vehicle, mobility scooter, boat or motor mower.

Garages can be used for storage but all possessions must be removed before the tenancy ends.

You can't store inflammable materials or liquids.

It's useful to know

Our garages are suitable for small to medium vehicles.

There's a lot of demand for council garages, so the waiting list is long, and people with mobility issues will get priority.

Apply to rent a council garage

How much it costs

Costs are:

  • Council tenant: £15.23 per week
  • Council leaseholder: £18.27 per week, including VAT
  • Private tenant: £22.32 per week, including VAT
  • Business or private tenant, premium site: £45.44 per week, including VAT

A premium site is where there is a high demand for garages from commuters.

After you apply

We'll write and let you know that we've accepted your application and have added you to the waiting list.

If you owe us money, or are subject to action about your tenancy such as anti-social behaviour, we won't accept your application until this has been resolved.

Apply to rent a council parking bay

We have a small number of parking bays and garage plots. Garage plots are former garage areas where low areas of the wall still remain.

Email estates@bristol.gov.uk to apply for a parking bay or garage plot.

How much it costs

Costs may vary at different sites:

  • Council tenant or leaseholder: £4 or £6 per week
  • Private tenants: £6 (£5 + £1 VAT) or £8 (£6.66 + £1.33 VAT)

Waiting list

There's a lot of demand for rental parking spaces and if you're on the waiting list after a year we'll ask you if you still want to be on it.

When a garage becomes free, we'll give priority in the following order:

  • Council tenants with mobility disabilities, where the parking will assist in their mobility
  • Council tenants and their partners in the area
  • Non council tenants with mobility disabilities, where the parking will assist in their mobility
  • Non council tenants in the area
  • Business user or applications from outside the area

Rental conditions

If you're offered a garage, parking bay or garage plot to rent you'll need to sign a Tenancy Agreement. This sets out our rights and responsibilities and your rights and responsibilities.

You can sign up for a Bristol Account and view your garage rental payments online. 

Missing a rental payment

If you miss a payment you must contact us on 0117 922 2200 (Option three) as soon as possible.

If you don't pay we can take away your rental.

Eviction from your parking rental

We can serve a notice to quit, ending your parking rental for the following reasons:

  • Not paying your rent
  • Breaking the tenancy agreement
  • Redevelopment of the site
  • Repairs required are not cost effective
  • You're no longer using the parking space

Our letter will explain why we have served the notice to quit. You must vacate the parking rental in one week.

Contact information

Estate Management Service (100 TS)

Bristol City Council
PO Box 3399
Bristol, BS1 9NE

Opening Hours

Open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6pm

Email: estates@bristol.gov.uk
Tel: 0117 922 2200 (option 4)
Text phone: 0117 357 4444
Fax: 0117 352 5104