Your leasehold service charges and how to pay them.

Cost of service charges

Your specific lease will give details of what service charges you must pay and when.

Find a pdf breakdown and description of the service charges you may find on your certificate (105 KB) .

You can also check our rent and service charges page for a list of our charges.


Find out pdf who has what responsibility for repairs to the block and to the flat (88 KB) .

How to pay service charges

You can pay in many ways, including online, by phone, by post, in person or by bank transfer.

If you have concerns about paying towards major works there are several ways to get help.

Pay in instalments

You can arrange to pay an invoice in instalments over two years and this can be interest free. To arrange this call us on 0117 352 1404.  

Discounts on major works over £15,000

If the charge to the leaseholder for major works is over £15,000, but is paid within two years, we'll offer a discount of £3,000 on the service charge invoice. This can either be:

  • £3,000 off the final payment
  • or, if the invoice has been paid, a £3,000 credit will be raised on the Service Charge account.


There's a range of loan products available to homeowners provided by Wessex Loans on behalf of Bristol City Council. To find out about loans email or call 0117 352 5010.

Check what benefits you could claim

You might be able to claim certain benefits. You can get advice from:

  • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP for income support) on 0800 055 6688
  • Pension Credits on 0345 6060265

Useful contacts

For questions about your lease, contact our Right To Buy and Leasehold Services Team (see contact information).

For payment instalments or advice and guidance about how to pay your service charges, including debt counselling, call us on 0117 352 1404.

Other useful contact details:

If you're still unsure

If you're still confused about anything within your lease,  you should get independent legal advice.

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