Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

Find information on overdue charges on library items.

You can check how much you owe on your LibrariesWest account.

To stop overdue charges, renew items via the LibrariesWest website, by phoning any Bristol library, or in person.

Overdue item recovery fee

If you owe £20 or more on overdue items, we ask a recovery agency to help us get the items back.

If an item is very overdue we will presume it's lost and add the replacement cost of the item to your account.

You'll need to pay the recovery agency fee, and any overdue charges on your items.

The maximum recovery agency fee is £10.


Charges depend on the type of membership you have:

  • adults: 15p per day, up to a maximum charge of £5.40 per item
  • 0 to 17 year olds: no charge

Play sets

  • play sets: £1 per day, maximum £30

Music CDs and audio books, including language courses

No charge.

Please renew or return items on or before their due date. For long overdue items recovery fees may apply.


  • 15p per day, up to a maximum charge of £5.40 per item

Lost items

If you lose an item, you'll have to pay for a replacement, and pay any overdue charges on the item.

There may be an extra charge for lost items on loan from other libraries.