Find out about forms you need to send us before you can start work.

If you're going to do work with planning permission

Before you start work:

  1. The person responsible for paying CIL must send us an Assumption of Liability Notice. If they don't, the owner of the land will have to pay and there may be extra charges.
  2. You need to send us a Commencement Notice with the date that development will start. If you don't, we will charge a penalty that you must pay immediately.
  3. If you're claiming relief, you need to send us a form to claim before you start work, or you'll have to pay CIL in full.
  4. We'll send you a Demand Notice for the CIL payment, which explains what to pay and how you can pay us.

You can get the forms from the CIL forms page at the Planning Portal website.

If you're carrying out work that doesn't need planning permission

You may still be liable for CIL if:

  • you don't need planning permission and are carrying out permitted development
  • you've been given permission to carry out development through the prior notification process, particularly conversions of offices to residential accommodation

Before you start work, you need to send us notice so we can work out if you need to pay CIL. Get the Notice of Chargeable Development form from the CIL forms page at the Planning Portal website and send it to us.

If you do need to pay CIL, we'll work out how much you need to pay and send you a Demand Notice, which explains what to pay and how you can pay us.

If you don't need to pay CIL, we'll let you know.

If you don't pay

If you don't pay on time, we may charge you a penalty.

If we agreed that you could pay CIL in instalments, you won't be able to do this. Find out about  pdf CIL penalties and surcharges (39 KB)


If you think that the amount of CIL we're charging you is wrong, you can appeal.

You'll need to ask us to recalculate the CIL charge first. If you still want to appeal, you must appeal within 60 days of us issuing the Liability Notice. Find out about CIL appeals on GOV.UK.

Contact information

Jim Cliffe, Planning Obligations Manager

Tel: 0117 903 6724