We can attach conditions to your planning permission, which you may need to have approved or discharged.

As part of a condition, you may need to:

  • send us details (such as samples of materials or detailed drawings)
  • apply for us to approve the condition before you start work
  • apply for us to approve the condition before the building is occupied or in use
  • use approved details (such as a specific roof tile) when carrying out work
  • apply for us to discharge a condition once you have met the approved details

The wording of the conditions will explain what you need to do.

Apply for us to approve or discharge planning conditions

If we don't approve your planning conditions, you start work at your own risk as we could take legal action.

Apply to have conditions approved or discharged 

at the Planning Portal.

What it costs

To make an application for planning conditions to be approved or discharged, it costs:

  • £34 for householder developments
  • £116 for all other developments

You can apply for all the conditions to be approved at the same time, or you can make separate applications. If you make more than one application to approve your planning conditions, you'll pay a fee for each application.

If we don't make a decision

If you've applied for us to approve a condition and we don't make a decision within eight weeks, you can send us a document deemed discharge notice (122 KB)  . You can't do this for certain conditions, which are listed on the deemed discharge notice.

You need to send this at least six weeks after the registration date on the acknowledgement of your application to approve the conditions.

If we don't make a decision by the date you have put on your deemed discharge notice, the condition is discharged. This means it is signed off. 

Privacy statement

Read our privacy statement and our pdf Development Management: planning enforcement privacy notice (118 KB)  to see what we do with your personal information.

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