We're working to improve the city's built environment, reduce social exclusion in our most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, strengthen the city's economy and improve access to employment and training, particularly for people living in deprived neighbourhoods.

Improving Bristol's built environment

A variety of regeneration schemes are taking place across the city:

Strengthening Bristol's economy

Through working to support businesses, providing key information about the city's economy and business sectors, and attracting inward investment, the council is playing an essential role in maintaining a thriving economy within Bristol.

  • Our Business pages offer information about a range of services provided across the council
  • Our Business Support and Advice pages provide details about networking opportunities, events and key information about Bristol's growing Environmental Technologies and Services sector.

Improving access to jobs and training

Bristol City Council is committed to improving access to local jobs and training for local people, one of the core elements of regeneration activity within the city. As the founding member of the West at Work partnership the council and other agencies work together to further develop Bristol's workforce and help our residents find employment.