How and when we tell you about a new year 7 secondary place offer.

If you applied by 31 October 2023  for a new year 7 secondary school place and you applied by:

Offers for late applications made after 31 October 2023 for a new year 7 secondary school place will be sent in May 2024. Respond to the offer within 5 working days.

School appeal hearings start in May 2024.

If you wish to appeal for a school place at your preferred school(s) submit your written grounds of appeal promptly.

This will maximise the possibility of your school appeal hearing(s) being heard before the summer holidays.

For security reasons we can't:

  • tell you about an offer by phone
  • send responses to email addresses not provided prior to the offer date
  • send by email if you applied using a paper form

You must respond to your offer within 5 working days.