How to tell us about road safety concerns and suggest street improvements, what happens after you tell us.

We use an online street improvements tool to record:

  • road safety concerns 
  • requests for street improvements, such as pedestrian crossings, signs, parking restrictions or traffic calming

Find out what's been reported

You can use the tool to: 

  • see what road safety concerns other people have reported
  • show your support for an existing report

What you can report 

You can use the tool to tell us if you have a concern about road safety, for example if:

  • parked cars cause a problem, such as making it hard to see oncoming traffic or for emergency vehicles to pass
  • drivers regularly speed through a particular area or on a specific road
  • a road is difficult for pedestrians to cross safely
  • drivers cut through residential areas to avoid traffic on main roads, known as rat-running
  • commercial or heavy good vehicles (HGVs) are ignoring weight and height restrictions
  • there are not suitable facilities for cyclists, such as cycle lanes or cycle parking
  • there are not suitable facilities for pedestrians, such as pavements

There are different ways to: 

Give as much detail as possible. You can also tell us what you think would help.

Tell us about a road safety concern
using our online street improvements tool.

Other ways to report a concern

You can also raise the concern with your local Area Committee, which decides how to spend local funding.

What happens next

We will keep a record of your report and use what you tell us to help:

  • us decide where to make improvements to roads
  • local area committees decide how to spend local funding
  • people working on major development projects understand local issues 

We cannot respond to all reports individually, but if there's an immediate safety concern we'll pass your report on to someone who can help.

We receive a lot of reports about road concerns, but funding for improvements is very limited and so it may be a long time before we can do anything about your report. Some improvements need a traffic order, which involves consultation and public advertisement and can take 6 months or longer. 

Road improvements we're not responsible for

We are not responsible for improving:

Speed limits

We're not responsible for enforcing speed limits. You can: